Germany is facing a shortage of facilities for inpatient full-time care as well as housing for the elderly (assisted living, etc.). Construction activity for new facilities is low, thus developers must take action to meet the growing demand. At the same time the nursing home market is highly regulated and a number of players, both public and private, need to be involved in order for a property development to be successfully completed. We help analyze locations, examine the competitive environment and help developers shape and define the appropriate type of long term care or assisted living facility for any new development. We know whether a new nursing home, an assisted living facility or a mixture of both types of use is indicated. In addition, we recommend architects, give recommendations for room layouts and advise our clients’ architects in their initial planning phase.

Once a strategy has been worked out, we launch our marketing efforts to find suitable operators and investors for our clients’ developments. Our advisory encompasses all stages of the transaction until a lease and purchase agreement is ready for signature. We help put all pieces of the puzzle together for our clients’ success in this growth market.

  1. Location analysis
  2. Demographics. and competitor analysis
  3. Shape and define the right type of product
  4. Architect consultation on healthcare standards
  5. Calculation of market rents
  6. Marketing to operators and investors


Often a sale of one’s own nursing home or facility of assisted living will pose a challenge for the seller. Discretion is a top priority, because as an owner, or employer, you do not want to confuse your tenants and employees unnecessarily by an ongoing sales process. As a seller, you do not want your sale to become public and spread widely across the market.

We know the needs of owner-managed or family-owned companies when it comes to professionally and discreetly managing a sales process. After signing a confidentiality agreement, we are happy to meet you, get to know your business and assist in the evaluation of your own company and real estate.

If you choose to hire us, we will ensure a professional sales process, from the draft of a sound sales pitch, coordinating visits and discussions with interested parties to providing an effective information flow until a deal has been reached. We are remunerated in a success-oriented manner, so that we have the same interests as you.

  1. Commercial valuation operations & real estate
  2. Identification of further value potentials
  3. Preparation of sales documents
  4. Professional approach of operators & investors
  5. Transparent and discreet sales process


The market for care and senior citizen housing (i.e. nursing homes and assisted living, etc.) is significantly growing but is heavily regulated and largely non-transparent in Germany. On the side of the operators we are dealing with a consolidating market; on the side of the real estate required such operations, attractive investment targets are becoming increasingly scarce. Although real estate prices are rising, it is still possible to obtain yield premiums in the asset class of nursing homes over other types of real estate. The fragmented operator market also offers investment opportunities.
We assist investors in searching, qualifying and selecting suitable investments on the operator and property sides of this growth market. We provide analyses on operators and sites, help with the commercial assessment of health care companies, leases and market conforming purchase prices. During the holding phase of an investment we offer a periodic operator and competition monitoring. We have a deep expertise when it comes to issues arising within the relationship between a property owner and the operator.

  1. Definition of investment criteria
  2. Sourcing & Acquisition support
  3. Location & Operator Analyses
  4.  Commercial advice on marketable leases and security interests
  5.  Asset Management